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This website gives an idea of the loans a mortgage broker can recommend but the real value of a broker lies in the ability to address specific problems such as income status; for example, employed/self-employed, variable income, overtime and bonuses are treated very differently by lenders who may recognize 100%, 50% or 0% of an income source depending on the source. CIS workers, mortgages for specific professions (police officers, teachers, key workers, contractors), employees with short fixed-term contracts. Brokers can find protection cover for difficult health conditions and medical histories.

Lenders have different policies which mortgage brokers understand and know where to place a loan and how to best argue the case for a loan. Brokers can resolve property related issues such as Japanese knotweed and timber framed properties. The criteria for BTL is different, owners with more that four BTLs are “portfolio landlords”, criteria for corporate landlords is different.

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