Accident & Sickness

Accident & Sickness Insurance

Accident & sickness insurance (i.e. Personal accident & injury cover) is an insurance policy that provides compensation in the event that you suffer an accident that results in serious injury or death.

The payment amount is determined by the type of injury sustained. The policy covers a range of injuries and sicknesses. Accident & sickness insurance can be beneficial for a range of people.

Accident & sickness insurance is often used to mitigate the loss of income and relieve financial stress on family members in the event that you suffer from an unexpected accident. Obviously aimed at hazardous employments, falling of roofs and missing a step on a ladder are frequent events, accidents in factories, on farms. The list is endless so if you work in any of these areas, perhaps you should consider Accident & Sickness Insurance. If you can’t survive for six months while your shattered skeleton repairs itself, the lump sum from an Accident and Sickness policy would come in handy.

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