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Whimsters Financial Solutions offers mortgages to buy or refinance your home and insurance policies to keep it should you experience illness or diagnosis with a critical disease. We deal with the more difficult loans to place due to variable income sources and other complications; and with the more straight forward cases.  Whimsters Financial Solutions will find the mortgage that is right for you and your family.

Our panel includes over 50 of the UK’s leading mortgage lenders and a range of the UK’s top insurers who offer life assurance, critical illness cover, income protection, household insurance, medical insurance and accident protection. 

We supply the correct blend of protection products to help improve financial stability and alleviate immediate financial consequences in the event of serious illness and/or bereavement.

Parents have options to help their offspring buy their first property

Parental options to help offspring purchase

What is mortgage sourcing?

A mortgage is not a “one size fits all” product; borrowers have different requirements and varied circumstances. Brokers have sourcing tools for the loan and for criteria; and direct communication with lenders via the Business Development Manager. Sourcing tools point in a certain direction; the selection is based on the experience of the broker. The research produces more than one lender to choose from and the “best fit” is selected. Using a broker will be quicker, save time, make your search for a mortgage more targeted and cover a cross section of the market including lenders that are not household names.

Why consider protection?

If you do not insure against loss, financial loss is inevitable and will affect your life. Protection is challenging because there are several categories of cover, numerous options, and several providers, each slightly different. Brokers use sourcing tools identify the providers who will quote, and then identifies a “best fit”. This is often more than one cover and the different elements are designed to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

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